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Gardening Consultation

Gardening Consultation

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Our garden consultations are offered in person to folks in the Hamilton area, or virtually to those in other parts of Ontario. Consultations include one hour of time exploring spaces and getting to know your style and current practices, as well as environmental challenges you might have, or unique opportunities you may not be aware of.

This is followed by a multi-page report that will be emailed within 48 hours that includes all the information we covered as well as in depth but accessible notes on recommendations we have to resolve the issues we discussed in person, as well as resources for purchasing, education such as books or podcasts, or how-to articles to give you a bit more confidence when trying something new!


Pricing Options:

We offer our consultations at sliding scale pricing - please review the following options to determine which best suits your capacity. All consultations are provided at the same quality, regardless of which pricing option you select.

Community GrowthFor those who may have semi- regular stress about paying for basic needs, who rent, who experience any form of systemic marginalization, or those with limited access to expendable income.

RootedFor folks who have financial security to pay for all their basic needs with some expendable income.

BenefactorFor those who experience financial security and wish to contribute to making this service accessible to more individuals.

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