Welcome to Pinch!

We are a bakery and plant store open in Downtown Hamilton.

We aim to be a welcoming location for our community to gather, graze and grow.

Our story is just beginning and we hope you follow along as we do some growing of our own!

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We're Open!

Our shop is open with daily treats, plant & retail offerings at 183 Sherman Ave N!

Wednesdays 10 - 5pm, Meal Service 11 - 4pm

Thursdays & Fridays 10 - 8pm, Meal Service 11 - 7pm

Saturdays 9 - 8pm, Meal Service 11 - 7pm

Sundays 9 - 5pm, Meal Serivce 11 - 4pm

*Try our baked goods 7 days a week at Smalls Coffee*

Featured on MoveToHamont

"Everyone has those friends they talk about opening a business with, but at some point it stopped being a dream and was one of those things that was like, ok what’s the next thing we need to do to make this a reality?"

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Interested in our Custom Baking?

Check out our Custom Baking page to see suggestions and options for how we can make your day a little sweeter!